I've heard it all too

I've heard it all too many times before

how all the world is too dazzling to see - 

but if this sparkling wonderland is real

where is it coming from - this dis-ease cause

is this utopian society 

so blinding I can't even see what's real

I'm tired of sucking on popped bubblegum.

I'll never say what's black and white checked pass

cause even half the brain is grey matter

to correspond with life's grey areas.

If Area 51 is top hushed up

then how are there so many ghosts around

and if this contest is to prove that life

is nothing more than poster perfection

I take it as it's given too

damn big to sum it up as happiness. 

Don't coax me into spouting candy I

be dishing out the hard stuff - meat soufflé 

for some just love to think they know the word - 

only to pass they see the entrance fall.

Alright, I'm done. You've heard what there's to hear. 

Now walk away and just forget my words

and keep on thinking that you learned a thing

to help you through this life. I'll say once more:

it's all too big to say that it's just keen

but really there's no other way to see. 

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