I've been thinking latelyAbout


I've been thinking lately

About how things used to be.

And who I used to be

And where I've been since

Hearing the "four years goes fast" speech

And being stupid enough not to listen.


My cleats used to sit by the door.

Awaiting the end of the summer.

Where they'd spend almost everyday

On the field.


Now they sit on my closet shelf.  

Along with all the memories of my freshman year

And the feeling of being part of a team.


That picnic table by the softball field used to be filled

With friends that I knew where to find

Everyday at lunch.

Now's there's people at the table,

But I don't know them.  


Where my friends went

I have no idea

But wherever they are

They have most of the fun I had

My sophmore year.


The purple prom dress in that picture used to stand with ten other girls

In front of a limo.

On the night that I spilled my icecream 

All over myself.


Now that dress is hiding

Behind some other old party dresses

I don't wear anymore.

That dress know where to find 

One of the best nights of my junior year.


My cap and gown were walked

Down an aisle to meet the principle.

Where I thought for a second

There was nothing better than to leave this school.


That cap and gown is on a hanger

Where it does nothing,

But represent all that I had lost 

After being handed my diploma

In my senior year.








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