I've Become That Angsty Teen Who Posts Poetry Online

All my middle-aged family members smile in my face and talk about how my whole life is ahead of me as if it's the most wonderful thing in the world

I can tell by the tone of their voice and the dreamy look in their eyes that part of them wishes they were in my position

I'd trade places with them 

The uncertanty of the future terrifies me 

It looms in my face all day and it keeps me awake all night

I don't know what to study in college

I don't know where to get a job

I don't know what to do in my free time

I don't even know if anything I do matters that much

All I know for sure is that one day I'll regret some of the things I'm doing now and some people I love will be dead

I can't seem to find anything worthwhile 

I can't get excited about anything

I can't focus on anything 

I guess I'm just gonna go to bed now 

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