I've aged recently

I've aged recently,

I learned how to appreciate my family more and more, day by day.

They help me with school, how to keep my life together, and teach me many necessary to unnecessary things.

They are there in the silence without asking me to thank them for all they've done for me.

I've aged recently, 

I learned how to deposit a check or cash to an ATM. 

Probably should've known how to earlier, but hey, not everyone is on the same page in life. 

Thanks to mom who taught me how to do so.

I've aged recently,

I learned how to fix my iPhone when it crashed.

Went to the stores to get help. It didn't help at all. So I spent hours by myself to get the solution. 

Thanks to the internet how to and I, I fixed the crash with losing some of my data.

I've aged recently,

I learned that I already have friends who are getting married early. 

They seem happy, so I guess that's what matters now. 

I'm sure my time will come in couple decades or less.

Congratulations to them.

I've aged recently, 

I just turned 18. I’ve been welcomed to the adulthood. And I'm going to college.

I'm going to learn and become more knowledgeable like my parents.

I'm nervous and excited. But mostly excited. 

My life is filled with random experiences. 

What a wonderful life! 

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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