Before It's Too Late

All I saw were lights flashing on my face,
Where am I going? What is this place?
Two men grabbed my body and lifted me off the floor,
And hurriedly rushed me out the front door.
The next thing I heard were sirens going wild,
And a faint whisper beside me, “Please God, save this child.”
The next thing I knew I was in the hospital a few streets over,
Why is this happening to me? I should have stayed sober.
Will I ever see day again? Or my father and mother?
Will I get the chance to apologize to my little brother?
I set the wrong example, life isn’t supposed to go this way.
I would tell him this and change if I had just one more day.
I would tell him how important it is to stay in school,
And that not even for one second will drugs ever make you look cool.
They make you dumb and lifeless like I am on this bed.
If I had valued school, maybe this would have gone through my head.
But I was the stupid one; I don’t want him to be the same,
When I look in the mirror I have only myself to blame.
If I was serious about my education and put all my effort into school,
Rather than messing around and cheating life like an imbecilic fool,
I could have had a big future, and be successful and bright,
Instead of wondering if each breath I take will be my last tonight.
All I know is that if I make it past this day,
I will go back to school and spread the word that drugs are never okay.


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