It's Time

With every step I thrive

With every word I preach

I strive

I know my heart is beating

I can see, I’m breathing

And everyday I thank God I’m alive

I am my own human I’m free range

And I’m not here to make things worse

I’m here to make a change

I am not special I am not strong

I am human and I know I can be wrong

No one is perfect

No one is hurtless

No not everyone is able

But that doesn’t make you worthless

Words are sharper than a knife

More powerful than a gun

Words can heal those who are numb

And give those more in life


Hello humans of Earth are you listening?

I don’t believe you are noticing the hate that is festering

I am not ashamed of what we’ve done

We’ve done a lot of good

We’ve created a lot of beauty

Be we are not handling things how we should

We’re a house of cards

We’ve got it all

But it only takes one mistake

To make it fall

We’ve got a great thing going on between the human race

But listen here

Here’s the case

We have force divided ourselves by color of skin

Hating someone for loving another

Now that’s the ultimate sin

Why must we look down on those who worship other Gods

We are eating each other alive like wild dogs

Who are we to judge others of their flaws

Where does it say we can hurt those who are different

Show me the laws!

Where is your proof

Where is your sanity

Where the hell is the truth

Where the hell is the humanity?!


People who tell you you are worthless

You are nothing

You’re a disgrace

Who are they to put you in your place?

There is not a day where I stop and think to myself

Where is the human race going?

Do we know we are destroying ourselves without knowing

Life is worth something

It’s not a joke

While you’re wasting money on thing you don’t need

People are starving and broke

Look at the girl who looks like she’s doing alright

Tell her to roll up her sleeves and you’ll see an ugly sight

See that boy over there with the perfect smile

His dad drinks every night

And his mom’s been buried for quite while

Before you speak hate and spread lies

See their life through their eyes


So what if someone has different skin

Or doesn’t classify as their gender

I understand it’s different and it’s hard to render

So what if someone doesn’t believe in a god up above

So what if someone is gay

It doesn’t matter

It’s love

We put a label on ourselves

there aren’t 2 or 3 different races

It doesn’t matter if you’re short or tall

Or live in different places

We are one race

The Human Race

It’s a problem we have

It’s something we must face

Our skin should not divide us

It should bind us

We’re losing sight

We’re losing trust


Yes World, I am speaking different

Something you don’t like

You may disagree

But I won’t stop

I will fight

It’s time we end this chapter

And begin on a new page

It’s time for new start

One without any rage

It’s time to look into our heart

It’s time for a new age





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