It's Still Alive

I can see him now, up in the clouds

Telling war stories

How war tore him, gave him jewels in his crown

Vietnam to Northern Cali, family new to the town

He had nothing but a truck, maybe a few dollars, how?

Could someone live like this? Give up their life for what seems like emptiness?

Simple cuz instead of just saying, they really live for this

thats vision of Gods provision that he had given them

There aint nothing like it, living by faith, they were commissioned huh?

On a mission without themselves on their minds

They fought with hell to break a spell and make the roughest treasures shine

They blazed a trail and made a sale, I look at their lives and then I measure mine

and see that Jesus was their model of life and living every time

Every rhyme I write is a reflection of what they taught me

Pops has made it home and mommas strong in how shes walking

Aint no stopping with a passion like theirs, it's more than talking

and it's still alive in me, so theres no way that you can stop me!

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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