It's Packed

Sun, 12/08/2013 - 21:36 -- h.ruth

“I need a fork,” I said to Mom after they left us in our fully-empty house.

“It’s packed” she replied and we laughed.

How would we eat?

With our fingers and feet?

Giggling she asked me for a spoon,

I told her the bowls are packed what’s the use for a spoon?

The spoons are packed too so what’s the use for a bowl?

My shoes!

Did I remember to leave out a pair of shoes?


Sigh. What’s the point of a shoe when they’ve packed your feet?

How will we eat?

How will we sleep?

We’ve nothing but boxes upon boxes to greet.

The clothes, the books, the knick-knacks, and paddy-whacks

All packed up and evenly stacked.

If you need it—it’s probably packed.

So if you need me…


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