It's not your fault

Don't cry, you are okay they say

Don't mope, at least you are alive they say

Don't wallow, it could be worse, they say

It's not your fault It's not your fault Its not your fault

repeated over and over like a bug that won't go away

it stands there and mocks you from a place to high to be caught

they chant and they sympathize and they pity you

but whats worse than pity? whats worse than friends, now strangers, fake crying over you

feeling bad for something the world secretly blames you for

if girls didnt wear tight clothes, they asked for it, its just male primal nature

you are told that be thankful you are alive

he couldve killed you (you wish he did)

life could be worse, move on with your life, forget about it

but how? wheres the instruction guide on how get rid of the pain, the feeling of worthlessness,

 thousands of knives are being stabbed through your body

millions of voices are telling you that you deserve it

hundreds of eyes stare at you everywhere you go

the thought of being alone is too frightening to bear

but the thought of making small talk with people whose souls havent been ripped out by one night

one night where he killed your mind, body, and soul

where you will never, ever trust anyone again

and making love will now be forbidden or you will face consequences of pain beyond imagine inflicted by your own mind

you will never be free. you wish you could jump into a beautiful, breathless body of water

and never come up.

so its not your fault right?

then why do i have the death sentence?



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