It's Not Racist If...


It's not racist if you put one or two minority actors or actresses in a film so that it's seen to be a 'diverse' cast. It's not racist if a coach, senator or your best friend uses a racial slur and then pulls the 'I have a ____ friend, girlfriend or boyfriend.' gag.  It's not racist if a White teen can get away with killing 4 people while drunk driving while a Black homeless mother gets a jail sentence for leaving her kids in a car for a job interview.

It's not racist if while during one of the worst hurricanes ever to hit a city that it's called finding something by a white family and then called looting by a black one. It's not racist if an actor shows up to an award show wearing a t-shirt in honor of a slain teen and gets slandered for it and then later praise a rapper for the SAME thing.

It's not racist if you dress up and perform in a Anti-semetic costume and then later claim that it's not targeting a specific group. It's not racist if your friend shows up wearing black face while walking around naked near an elementary school. It's not racist if a fraternity or sorority throw a party depicting stereotypes. It's not racist if you dress up on halloween as the slain teen because he was wearing a hoodie.

 It's not---It is.


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