It's Not Just Rain

Life is a beautiful thing.

The way the wind blows softly

across your cheeks 

on a breezy spring evening.

But howls like a mighty beast

late into the night.

The way the water trickles

down a cool, narrow creak.

But fills a roaring river,

each drop easing its way

to be the first to spill over

the towering waterfall. 

The way the clouds shed tears

and bring devestation 

upon thousands. 

But how the rain seeps 

onto the soft, rich soil

gives hope for a good 

year of harvest. 

The way the darkness 

of the night brings fear

upon the weak hearted.

But it brings peace and hope

for a better tomorrow.

Life is full of contradictions.

Rain is just rain,

but it's not just rain. 



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