It's Not About Me


It was so fast 

passed me so fast

I didn't realize what I had till it just washed all away

it was so fast

just so very fast

life experiences intangibly slipping away

but that is okay

just moving on and holding on

I use to hate my skin and my hair and my destiny buy now I am starting to see

the better side of me

I didn't accept myself for who i was or what I looked like

Everything to me on my body wasn't right

there was no love just lust, like an empty shell through the years

but when I started walking in the path of God above

I realized Love

The days shined brighter despite the chaos in the background

Living in a society so seperated

gangs and tribes and businesses claim they are not related

they kill and steal and cheat just like me when 

I did not have any love

but that all changed with God from above

I started being better, thinking positive and no longer violating my self

feeding the flesh and satisfying it too it's all deep and dark secret taboo 

but sooner or later I'm going to have to testify about my anxiety, addictions and vanity from places on high

Love has no place in a speech of monotony

it has to be expressed with passion, Heart, and spirit inside of me

Because it took me time to realize where the world is going

and that I had to work from on high to keep on growing

Don't matter what environment or cult-ure you come from

the drug dealers, stealers, gang members, mob bosses, baby mamas, people caught in drama, every body from the big corporations to the coner store basements

They all have a heart like you and I

I witnessed enough to say i'm not waiting till I die or till i get shot or till my loved ones die to live a life for bettering others and help the next brother and sister get by to higher places

That is what is in me and I can't get held back by emotional convictions and constrictions

I've put my self through a lot of mental frictions

It's time to move on out of this sexual feely lovey dovey depression because I am not weak and i desire to be stronger

With the God on high we can last longer

I don't deserve glory for the words in the poem

the God on high shined them through thinking I was alone

It's not what is on the outside that makes you strong or the inside

It's beyond the inside in a different place that infinitely can make me whole

make you whole

I can't express my love for everyone in this world

the connections we have, intangible

unmanageable by human hand

words are strong but only one can make it true

the God above with some love and some sweat and tears, and some sacrifice

you just might make it, just add a little faith

Fait with out works is dead,

so no one to blame but you for putting yourself deepers in the hole and hole just gettin' tighter

and you havin' hard times breathin'

you thihnk you gonna die

I felt like that when it didn't really know about forgiveness

I just thought fleshly business

Lookin at myself in the mirror askin who is this

Pray to God and he will come through eventually

He will open your eyes and see

That it is not about drugs, money, or fame

Or the body of flesh to tame

or how many dudes you slain

or adding any rep to your name

cause I don't deserve any of the glory

This ain't a game or a story

So cut the once upon a times

here I go like a nursary with rhymes

Continentally introspectively

It's God 

And I knew deep down inside that it is not about me



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