It's Not About the Fear

Mon, 03/18/2019 - 11:11 -- as4280

It’s not about the fear

Or the worry,

Not even the pricks that I feel

On top my my skin whenever I think

About my demons

No, this is about the future;

The same plans that could release me

Into success and happiness

My head in the clouds

Could also wrap me in a tight cocoon

Restricting my dreams

Gifting me debt

And extracting any hope to change our lives

The boundaries that have been set continue to

Devour me, but I won’t let them

Simply because

It’s not about the fear

Even though people go days

Without food, medicine, or


My soul desires adventure

That rewards both the mind and the environment

But how?

My motivation dies away as fast as

The Earth is

Which says a lot, actually

Other people have it worse, this is true

But I want to make it better

Because they may not have the chance

To do it themselves

It’s not about the fear,

It’s about the hope

In the long run, I crave one answer

How can I help?


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Our world


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