It's A Lovely Thing to Love One Another

Shark skin minds,

And leather faces.

These people walk in groups

and never paces.

Eyes shut and open mouth,

Every command directing south.

“Don’t play fair,

We are not sensitive skin people.

Hang our flag from every steeple,

Close your eyes

But keep the glare."


"You see those demons," They often shout.

"They are not free men!" They agree with red faces.

Shark skin minds like to keep within their kind.

All thinking the same,

all doing the same,

all agreeing on every topic.

But other minds come around an stop it.


New things, and new norms,

present themselves everyday.

Who are we to tell other what they can and cannot say?

Shark skin minds not letting people love.

Not letting people leave the past behind them.

Shark skin minds it will be okay.

Things have never been like they are today.

Don't cry and do not mourn,

things have been changing since you were born.


Skark skin minds,

you were taught to love.

When did an embrace become a shove?

Speak kindly, you know He would.

I know He would.


It makes me cry to see so many die,

from hate, from fate?

Shark skin minds,

you don't have to agree.

Right for you and rights for me.


I am a lady,

With my body I'll do what I think is right.

I am religious,

I will practice such and continue the fight.

I am American,

I will not judge my neighbor for their color, their opinion, or their lover.

I am not close minded,

I will not push those away because we do not agree.

I will do my best to love.

But I will have my rights.


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