It's Just a Vintage View on Life


My day begins with the loud turn of a knob, 
The lift of a fine needle and the careful placing of it over a record.  
That's it. 
Whatever happens the first day of school really wont matter. 
What will matter, is which vinyl I decide to play in the morning. 
I'm a little old fashioned. 
I like books, old music, classic cars, comic books and black and white movies. 
And as strange as it may sound, 
These simple old things are what keep me loving school.  
You see, no one in the hallway will understand how listening to Dion sing
About how Sue is a slut
 will make me laugh and happily sing along. 
No one in class will understand how watching clips of films by Georges Melies Fascinate me and make me want to do something creative and new for my time. 
And no young high school famous kid will get why seeing a 1957 Ford Fairlane 
Drive by
 will make me scream like a One Direction fan girl. 
Its my outdated interests and style that have me looking forward to the school year. 
Being surrounded by modern day technology, music and lifestyles preserve my liking For a more original way of life. 
It keeps my mind sharp. 
Constantly awake and aware, 
Always trying to think outside of the box. 
And that's exactly why I enjoy each day walking through the same school hallways, 
No one else experiences it the way I do. 


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