It's a Joke

A Mormon, Baptist, and Agnostic talk

about God. It shouldn’t sound like a joke.

Our minds shouldn’t say comparing culture

is foolish. Yet it is still just a joke.

That Mormon is a girl, just a woman.

That girl wants to be an engineer.

The world says she can’t do it, not at all.

She’s a Mormon girl; can’t, at all, be bright.

That Baptist is a boy, simply a man.

That boy wants to be a business man.

The world says that will do, he can succeed.

He’s a Southern Baptist, the world is his.

Yet, he wants to break the culture wall.

The world says that won’t do at all, not here.

That Agnostic is a guy, so average.

He doesn’t see a reason, but he can

not help but wonder on the presence of

a God. He has dreams, hopes, the whole story.

He wants to be something more than matter,

just a collection of cells. He doesn’t

know what he knows, or what he wants to be.

An engineer, business man, and dreamer

talk about God. It doesn’t sound like a

joke anymore. Yet we categorize

ideals into little boxes, only

to mislabel those boxes; no little

connections between them to help us out.

We don’t give stories a chance to unfold

before we decide the ending. A girl,

and two guys talk about God. That’s no joke. 


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