It`s Hard

It’s hard trying to protect a city
That doesn’t want your help
Their trust and respect had died
With the unarmed men
Who wore the same uniform as I am
To them we might as well have pulled the trigger ourselves
How can we prove that we are not the same as them
Yet we confuse unarmed with armed men
Countless times
How can we explain why the police afraid of citizens
It’s hard trying to protect ourselves because we know they ever won’t protect us
For years we have been kneeling under the authorities command
Which is why we take a stand
But u don’t understand
When you say freeze
Our mind says run
And you chase after me
You are the hungry lion right behind me
I am a Bambi  trying to to escape
It’s hard to understand the other side
Because we only know our own lives
We are both stubborn standing on opposite sides
While everyone else is thrown in the middle being forced to decide
Which side is right
What we don’t understand is
We have both taken lives just for revenge from the other side
Why don’t you get it
They will never stop fighting for what’s right
And you will never stop taking on unarmed men’s life 

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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