It's Awesome How My Roots Run Deep

I am from a place where my roots run deep

Like a “Virginia live oak” that’s iconic of the old South

Stretching from the Coastal Plain Tidewater to the

Majestic Appalachian Mountains and back to the place where

George Washington as a child called his home


I am from the historic lands of the Algonquian Indians who the

First English settlers met where crystal clear waters flow into

The Chesapeake Bay


I am from Bridget and Carey Carter

Grandma Jackie and Aunt Karen

From endless roads that fade off

Into the distance and long travels

That remind you that no distance

Is ever too far when it comes to family


I am from early fall mornings filled

With sunrises that capture Mother Nature’s

Alluring beauty at its finest hour

Orange skies mixing with red

And cinnamon, apple and ginger aromas

“Hello September!”




I am from family traditions

Thanksgiving prayer and Charlie Brown classics

From glazed ham and crusted green bean casserole

Communion wine and good ole family time

And mama’s homemade Christmas cookies

Gingerbread, sugar, and chocolate chip


I am from bumpy bus rides

And Friday Night Lights

Banging of the drums and shaking of the poms

And runny noses with basket tosses

Golden medals and district champs


I am from a rich heritage

I am African

I am Cherokee

I am Caucasian

I am Asian

I am from a place where my roots run deep

I am Awesome

I am Christina Noelle Carter 

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