It's All Just a Game

It's all just a big game

you spawn at the beginning

you start with nothing

and start as nothing.

You build yourself up with the misguided influence of others,

you must learn all the tips and tricks

collect loot and useless valuables

and destroy everything/everyone one in your path.

Just so you can be on the leaderboards,

but after that, you come to the realization.

At what cost?

At what cost? 

Just like the beginning you have nothing.

And always had nothing even with vast riches,

the sorrows of your heart create an emptiness 

reminescent of the vaccum of space.

So now with your pathetic victory rot.

Rot until you are dust upon this earth. 

Rot until your words become the wind,

and rot until your pathetic game 

becomes irrelavant. 




This poem is about: 
Our world


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