Is It Wrong to Dream?

I'm trying to pour my heart out 

shaping my emotions into words,

words that will barely even compare to the vast void of space in my heart

success, my aspiration, but I hear those voices in my head,

the ones who remind me everyday that I come from nothing

And I will always be a nothing

useless, pathetic, your efforts are worthless

why try your best when your own family will not support you

why have dreams if they will always be broken

why, why, why...

Is it so wrong to dream?

I know I have no money, my possibilities and hopes reduced to nothing

yet I dream,

and those dreams hold me up

constantly, I tell myself to keep up with my hard work

how could I blame others when I fail,

if the only person to blame would be me

I choose my own path

I can be whatever I want to be

I will dream even if my dreams are already dead

as long as that spark of determination is alive within me

there will be nothing in my way,

nothing controlling who I want to be



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