It Will Rain

Wed, 10/26/2016 - 18:37 -- Roz

When the wind blows

And the sky fogs

Up my picture in the mirror


When the river roars

And the birds soar

Above the woods we roamed


When the cliffs spike

And the rocks fall

From the mountains we once climbed


When the memories fade

And only ashes are left

From the campfire we once built


When the smiles leave

And the frowns replace

All the faces of the town


When the money's gone

And the hearts are desperate

To feed the mouths of children


When the storms are coming

And the people run

It will rain.


When the clouds thunder

And the lightning strikes

It will rain


When it rains upon the lonesome town

And the floods come back again

I will come home


When I come home to my people

And see your face once more

It must rain.


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