It Will Be Here

Thu, 10/03/2013 - 17:40 -- ElsieA


Same smell of green

Cool breath in the air

Frost on the benches

Same swarthy blues

It will be here


When we were walking by the cemetery

You asked if I would still be there for you

A laugh escaped from my mouth

And you joined in like a choir

This part of my outlook is adorned in puerile apparel


Our laughters drowned by the city

December sprawls over the metropolis

The sun, soft on my cheeks

The echoes in the air

Like a sailing endlessness


Same cracks of branches

Numb fingertips

Cold creeping in

Same winter sun

It will be here, it will all be here


The truth is difficult to profess

My body, a wall of ice

That melts when you hold me

I've never been able to comprehend love

This is just my best guess


When I was walking by the cemetery

I covered the same routes

In my bed of ice, I fall asleep with your memory

And love you 'til my body decides to give up


Same weather

Heart barren, eyes distent

Continuous melancholy

Same frozen vapor

It will be there, it will all be there... but you


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