It Was All a Lie

On a cold, winter morning I ran out to see my dad,

My small body stuffed into a warm, winter coat,

My ignorant mind that was filled with lies,

Yet I maintained a smile that melted the snow,

Ignorance is truly bliss,

For I could no longer see my father,

Fading out of my life like a soul leaving it’s grave,

My cold, winter mornings turned into frightening summer

Growing up the truth was unleashed,

All it took was a visit to the loathing mansion on the
  other side of town,

Stepping into his house my heart filled with excitement
  while fear covered my eyes,

The truth had poured out of his mouth like water
  running off of a cliff,

Tears were shed, and snot filled tissues were

I was angry and confused on why my father had went

Leaving me behind in the fog to figure everything out
  on my own,

You know why the truth was so ugly?

Because I was taught to bite the hand that fed me,

And all because my mother was the vicious dog barking
  and biting,

I was ignorant like a wave washing up on a shore
  destroying a sand castle,

I didn’t know that my mother had killed him turning him
  into a lost soul for half of my life.

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