Filld with that turgid silence

Registering disturbance in resilience

Arousing aroused anxiety

Beauy debated in baked filthy

Stealing instant focus

Un-delineating no locus

Pouring oxygen of drivel

Drivel resounding at all level.


Innocently innocent seed

Tranquil in the midst of weed

Intact! Well-thickened!

In my name ... hope weakened.

Ignorance corrosively assertive

About this; knowledge laxative

For worse or better; a shrilled-secret

The seed a sacrosanct virgin; discreet


Wisdom does not accuse innocence

Hopelessness ruins hope-sense

Unknown! A shrewd complexity

Cultivating fear; poisoning bra-ve-ty

Let fear be venerated

Incensed; adored; consecrated

Fear is the holiness of the spirit

Gnawing unwanted exit


Tearfully painful!

Transit from fear to fear

Spirit bored to full

Revival! Confidence to fear

Present restored

Future appreciated

Refuse admittance with fear

Cross the threshold; confront the fear


The seed is virgin!

Filled with hope-gene

There exists resurrection!

There harbours all expectations!

Therein ... Therein...


Poet: Larry Onokpite


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My country
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