It Struck Me in the Night

it struck me in the veil of night

in a silence so quiet, it seemed to scream out to me

in the deep breaths and the tears on my pillow

nighttime itself was tangible, definite

it had dimensions, and i could feel its heart

darkness ran its velvety fingers through my hair


i saw it in the light

in the blazing radiance of the day’s end

the sun’s infinite energy penetrating my mind

crystal chandeliers casting rainbow reflections

sapphire wisps of flame licking the edge of the fire

and the dizzying sparkle of the sea


it came to me in a melody

in the soft burbling of a creek

the quiet melancholy of an evening lullaby

haunting and beautiful, whispers in the dark

the memory of your last words to me

the pattering of rain on the roof


i could sense it in a feeling

a delicate breeze embracing my weary spirit

cool water enveloping my bones, a timeless reverie

the familiarity of old parchment and ink

a loyal friend, nuzzling its whiskers against my hand

the stillness of a moment alone, comforting my soul


it reached out to me through heartbreak

through lonely conversations with the moon

in a mirror shattered on the floor

even in the torment of losing you

black umbrellas and lace, closing in on me

beautiful anguish that i could not escape


it was there in an instant

and gone the next

in every ache i longed to forget

and in every precious moment i wish could have lasted forever

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