It shouldn't like this. Thoughts & unresolved feelings.

Have you really forgotten about me?

tossed me aside in the deepest corners of your mind,

Hidden away in shadows of neglect.

As though the connection I felt with you wasn’t real

And the words you said weren’t true.

It shouldn’t be like this.

I feel so conflicted.

A part of me still holds on to these memories of you.

You were different than the others.

You and I were so similar.

I was able to open up to you, you stimulated my mind

And captivated my heart.

Yet I wasn’t the one,

The one to make you change your mind about claiming a girl as yours.

And to me you were perfect

Not perfect meaning flawless,

Because no one is,

But perfect, meaning the right one for me.

To be honest when I saw that your heart was no longer alone, my own dropped a little bit

It came as a surprise that you still had an effect on me.

A couple tears actually fell from my eyes.

It shouldn’t be like this.

Me wondering what she has that I lacked.

And how she changed your mind about relationships and why I wasn’t good enough for that.

 It shouldn’t be like this.

Because the guy I’m with now has my interest,

makes me smile,

and was the first to have such a major special part of me.

It shouldn’t be like this.

You know you just added yourself to the list of guys

Who did me wrong,

And now I have this guy

Who says he wants to keep me and that he’ll treat me good

And do all these things

Yet you’re making it, along with those other past guys

Hard for me

To believe him.

You have me questioning if what I have with him is worth it,

Or just a mistake

Because for some reason

My heart feels

That you’re the one who’s so hard to erase.


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