The "It" Person Inside?

The person inside?

Its hurt, pain, sorrow, joy, happiness, stories of adventure

the voices that want to be raised,

to show the world what beauty can be unleashed.

The person inside?

Its strong, powerful, caring, independent,

Its worthy of changing the world.

Its glows with such beauty, It shines like the moonlight onto the calming ocean.

The person inside?

Its a super hero waiting to be unleashed,

To show the world its true power.

The person inside?

Well its the heart that shows the pride,

the light that meant to be in this world, to show others how to shine.

The so called "It",

well its me, its you so,

The person inside?

You decide, it is great, hard-working,caring,worthy of life,

so show the person inside and let "It" shine.

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