it only took 19 years

Thu, 04/20/2017 - 02:13 -- aebj210

It only took me 19 years to figure out what it means to be an American

I must spew hate not show love

Those people that are struggling to live day to day

must struggle on their own as I am too busy doing nothing with my life

I must not show compassion and kindness to those who dare enter the melting pot

of opportunity

because that’s what we do here in America


we show no mercy in threatening others

but the second it happens to us?

were the biggest baby on the earth

We show no compassion to those that want our help

but yet we expect help from everyone

because that's what it means to live in America


Our new president makes me want to flee

as I fear that I won’t be able to afford the life I want to live

because in America

The rich are the only people that matter

and those of us barely making it by will slowly start to struggle

until we are the ones struggling to live day to day

as everyone walks by too busy doing nothing with their lives

Because that's what it’s like to live in America


As a musician I know

that finding a job will be almost impossible

In four years, I will graduate as a BC-MT

but that degree will do me no good if Mr. president

runs this nation to the ground

If Mr. president disassembles the arts programs

I will have nowhere to work

and my passion

will go to waste


Because in America

A college degree means little

and the people living here matter no more

to anyone high up than

the thousands of ants across the world

and to get ahead

all those ants will get stomped on first

because that’s what it means to live in America


and that only took 19 years to figure out



This poem is about: 
My country


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