is it okay

Cheyann Washington_ connections / humanities


Is it okay?


Is it okay to call me out of my name?

Like baby, Lil mama

Screaming for my attention

Is it okay to call me out of my terms?

Like nigga, bitch or hey blacky

Is it okay to follow me in your car?

On my way home from school

Is it okay for me to feel disgusted?

To feel mentally raped, to want to jump out of my skin

wishing I can change my appearance,

so you can stop


I mean it's not like you feel anything,

It not like you want to change,

Following young girls into the deep and darkest hole

Constantly destroying us

Our purity

Fucking with our mentality

Afraid to go outside

Because the man across the street

Looks you up and down and sometimes

Follows you

Wishing someone can help  


Oh don’t go down that street

Mom says,

Don’t wear shorts in public

Mom says

Your legs are to long

She says

But then I reply

How come white girls get to wear shorts and I can’t?

Why can’t I be comfortable in my own skin mom?

she says,

black girls…

Are sex objects rather than normal human beings

If you're wearing shorts you’ll create attention to yourself,


Is it okay to call a nigga…? I mean a black woman a hoe, a skank,

A prostitute and more?

Because she’s pregnant

Because you seen her with multiple guys



Treating a sista wrong

Because she can’t find someone to love her?

or is it okay to support the white girl who’s done worst and has a child?

What is the different,

You tell me?

But is it okay?

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My community
Our world
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