It is NOT ok

Too many people know what it's like

To not be in control of your own life.

The one thing you own - that's totally yours

Is used and abused and left at the door.

Your first time is supposed to be a magical thing

But instead it's taken with one quick fling.

The woman is blammed - in every instance.

She was provacative

                          She was flirting

                                                She couldn't say no

When will society wake up and realize

that it's not the woman's fault?

That rape is not ok?

That the men's actions need to be brought to a hault?

This doesn't just happen to the sluts

Or the partiers

                   Or the white trash

                                               Or the whores

It happens to the geeks, the nerds, and the nice girls.

Your sisters, your friends, your cousins, your daughters

They're all becoming society's martyrs.

Until we teach the children of today,

That rape is wrong, that it is not ok,

All of the women that you know

Could become the next victim - just another Jane Doe.




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