It Must've Been Something You Ate


Sleep until your back hurts,
eat furiously when bored.
Remind yourself you’re beautiful
when your face is shot with dirt.
Forgive your pet for being too cute,
count down your miserable days,
and when your cheeks burst in flames from your heartbreak and shame,
it must’ve been something you ate.
Jump on that broken foot of yours
and cry through indecision,
pray every night, holding faith tight
then banish all religion.
Yell at the ones you love
and welcome crippling headaches,
get angry for no reason
then call yourself pathetic.
Be miserably happy,
don’t love without hate,
and when guts churn in sorrow from the thought of tomorrow-
it must’ve been something you ate.  

Curse education and all that is science
while searching for bursts of neutrinos.
Preach abstinence from fun and life
then crash all your cash in casinos.
Regret success in life,
encourage each mistake
and when you’re choking on tears from the weight of your fears,
it must’ve been something you ate.  


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