This it it

(poems go here) This is it.
As i watch my past go by
In a matter of ten minutes I wonder,
What will become of me or my girls?
This is it.
I'm leaving in a matter of months.
How could I let them go when they need me the most?
They lean on me when things get tough
How could I leave them behind.
This is it.
I'm leaving my best friend.
She's never left me behind
and she'll be alone
Shouldn't I return the favor?
This is it.
What about my boyfriend?
The one who makes me feel better by just looking at me?
I have to do this by myself now.
This is it.
As I pace down the halls
pass the lockers, pass the classrooms
I force myself to look at the memories left lingering.
I make it to the end of the corridor and think...
This is it.


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