It, I Need

My body yearns for it, my brain cannot thrive without it, my mind needs it to be at peace.

Without it, I cannot survive.

The others point and laugh, for I am nothing when I neglect it.

A dark shadow looms over me when it is not there.

The shadow swallows me, my body weak.

I need it, and I will do anything to get it.

Within reason.

But, without it, reason is gone.

I am not able to function.

The relationship between it and I;

I and it.

We care for each other deeply, yet I am quick to abuse.

Carelessly, I value other things:

Pointless, trivial things,

When all I

Want, Desire, Crave,

Is it.

I need it for my heart, my mind, my soul.

It is there for me daily,

Whether or not I am there,

 for it.

It is clouded by nightmares of the horrors I endure,

Made beautiful by my dreams.

Restless I become.

I embrace it, yet restless I remain.

The activity in my brain prevents me from being with it.

I need it.

It encompasses my nightmares, dreams, and restlessness;

All in one.

It is Sleep. 

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