It Hurts

Oh my God it's finally happening

What I've always wanted for what feels like forever

And with YOU no less

My first real male crush

And aren't you beautiful?

Colombian, beautiful sleek, soft black hair

Pretty eyes I can get lost in

And the love, compassion and lust that they display 

Just mesmerizing.

And your voice, oh how to describe that voice

Deep, and it's not a rasp per se, more like... gristly!

Just lovely. And your laugh! So beautiful!

I consider it an achievement whenever I can make you laugh.

Am I nervous? I can't remember.

Just put it in already come on I need it I want it-

Wait wait hold on it's intense-

Oh God it's in. You feel big. Oh it's average?

I wouldn't know. Go slow ok?

God it's so good I can't hold back

I'm moaning so damn loud every time you push in

Thank God no one's home, not that we'd care.

Wait that's too intense, oh my God

Slow down, not too hard

AH! You beast, why'd you slam in?

I said wait, please.

Hm? Wrap my legs around you? Why- 

Oh yes yes yes God right there that's the spot

You're cumming soon? Wish I could say the same

You lie your head on my chest and tremble

And I lick and bite your ear as you cum inside me

With protection of course.

Wasn't that nice?

God I love you

But you don't have to say it back.

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