It Does Not End Here

For a second be civilized
peer through someone else's eyes
who was once terrorized
unfortunately we are mesmerized
by not the ones who cried
by not the ones who died
but by the ones who lied
blatantly in our faces
as they slowly traded places
and classified certain human beings as cold cases
nowadays all that sells is sex and tv shows about car chases
and all we seem to value are our nikes adidas and asics
lets go back to value the leaders that destroyed the racists
guided human beings without consideration of gender or the color of their faces
where did all of the MLKs Malcom Xs and Susan B Anthonys go
it seems that everybody nowadays wants to put on a show
we have to bring back the greatness we have lost
and fight again for this freedom and bring meaning to the lives it has cost
we must embody the great leaders who fought for this cause
so take a look in the mirror and pause
ask your selves "how must we change the world?"
because at the end of the day it doesn't matter if your a boy or a girl
everyone has a dream
and the right to fulfill it is not to only the ones who skin color if is cream
it makes me scream
as i see tears stream
down the faces of the hurt
as they force us to dig our own graves in the dirt
as i preach to crack the chains in half
just as the whips cracked on our backs
regain the spirit to fight again
until virtue has conquered the world and only good must remain
because all around the world evil hurts the weak
and the score is 666-0 and evil is on a winning streak
i know the future seems bleak
we must keep up the fight
for the meaning of civil rights
because this war does not end in america
and so must go on until the world embraces its character.

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