it dances

These legs they run without a crutch

These hands they write without lines

These eyes they take in without lenses

This body it dances without music

This person it lives without reliance


These legs they ache without the ice

These hands they give without receiving

These eyes they observe without being noticed

This body it walks without counterbalance

This person it creates without remembering to grow


These legs they can kick but must sometimes remember

            to walk softly in the direction of good humans

These hands they can carry loads but must sometimes remember

            this does not mean they need to

These eyes they can intrigue but must sometimes remember

            to demand an audience

This body it can fight but must sometimes remember

            to hold its arms open

This person it can do anything but must sometimes remember

            it does not need to do everything

                        at least not alone


This poem is about: 
Our world


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