It Could be Arrogance


Is me.


Take a good look because I guarantee your first impression will be shattered in a word or two,



I am not defined.


Nor am I a work of plaster, or the result of assembly lines and mindless assimilation.



I am an individual.

Though I would never refer to myself as a work of art…


Which many argue is an attempt at being humble,

But really I think it derives from significant self-loathing and the critical belief that I really am as insignificant as the air I breathe.


But even if that’s true,

Every breath we take is shared.

And by the time it reaches your lungs it has already circulated through the bodies of seven billion strangers; all of whom, it has granted life, even if just for a moment.


So if I really am as ordinary as a single breath,

Then I surely am vital. 


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