It Claims To Be....

This country always says, "WE ARE THE LAND OF THE FREE"

And we can be who ever we want to be.


But yet an immigrant that wants to make his dream come true and had lived here for 20 years and paid taxes, this COUNTRY gives him in return the strongest of all injustice bites. 

This country went through everything from slavery to wars, 

And even much more.

But it still doesn't learn it's lesson,

We still have everything that we had 70 years ago. 

From racial discrimination, not only toward blacks.

But from people that are in this country just to try to make a living and put clothes on their backs. 

This country claims to have the "AMERICAN DREAM" 

But anyone that comes in this country with a dream, it destroys it with an invisible beam. 

There's people that don't want to make a change 

People that want make this country be set behind.

Making other people think that this is the worst of all kind. 

Those are the people we need to overcome..

And be a justified country other than what we might become. 

We should support EVERYONE, from gays to blacks, from teachers to janitors, EVERYONE'S RIGHTS.

Because EVERYONE deserves to be bright.

There are a lot people that do want to make a change.

That want to expand the rights to anyone in any range.

This country claims to be what it says to be and all that hype,

But it's up to us to beat that stereotype,

And really make this land the "LAND OF THE FREE"

And not what the government or society tells us to be.  



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