It’s a Masquerade Ball

You dance a waltz in three-four

And you wear a mask at a masquerade ball

I live a life with no stress

And it’s not only my mask it’s my greatest wish

There is grandeur in the lady wearing jewels

There is magnificence in a leader who can speak

Without distraction

The gems twinkle-

It catches everyone’s eye

Her voice is smooth-

It flows into the ears and minds of all those around

But the moment the ornaments come off, everyone forgets she was beautiful

But the moment she stops to breathe, her message has no more meaning

So the charms never come

So she never stops to inhale

The masks stay on because life is a masquerade ball

But masks don’t let in air

And so the skin of the beautiful lady fades

While the jewels continue to shimmer

And the voice of the leader becomes hoarse

While the message is still there

But neither happy now

The façades brought the love of people

The disguise hid the true self

Now you take off the charms and you’re old and the wrinkles have set in

Now you let yourself breath and someone new has a different message that is more accepted

And you are left without a place

And you have spent your life working for everyone else

And you don’t know your true self

And it is simply sad

But I dance the three four with an extra step

It sets me apart

I am allowed to be myself

I just have to take off the mask

I just have to let go of my stress



Writing has never been my strong suit, only something that I have always loved to invest myself into.

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