It’s Enough

Sat, 06/06/2020 - 13:37 -- Shu

sheltering in place has got me seeing you in different shades of your favorite colors/you are like air...everywhere/and between the spaces of these words/our friendship spins endlessly as you tickle my mind with your thoughts, that are amazing...damn/how could you peep my familiar like that/look through me like that/feel my groove like that/have me tongue tied like that/go into the field like that



i know, this has got me laughing at my own rotation fo’real/finding moments when thoughts of your thoughts flirt with my mind, causing hot buttered pieces of you to form poetry/you got me emojiing/wrapping poetic rhythms/like now...sculpting verses with words/from the curves of my esses through the crosses of my tees/i see you in the spaces between predicates and conjunctions are my muse in a place where there is no tomorrow/only those brief moments/which for me is enough


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I am as you know .... WITHOUT my permission you opened my door.  I only know what I found without opening forbidden doors.  How would you introduce yourself to me now?  I understand everything.

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