It’s been twelve years

It’s been twelve years since I have felt alone and like something is missing in my life.

I feel so lost and I don’t know why.

Charismas passed and well the day is coming when it is officially thirteen years.

Thirteen years since they took him away from me, the day when a little girl about the age of four had her father taken away from her world by a cruel soulless man.

It’s funny how a little girl can have her entire world flipped just by losing one very important person.

I remember things like if they were dreams but the sad and yet happy thing is that they are not.

I was a strange child growing up.

I have always felt different and people did not really accept me.

Before I started school I went to a therapist after my dad past away, she said I was too young to need therapy but she was wrong. 

No one is ever too young to feel and need help.

So since those days I have been very lost.

I am still lost till this very day.  

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