It’s 5:30 am

And my mind is keeping me up

The thought of Death knocking at my door has never been more pleasant The picture of him reaching across the threshold to save me from a stress filled world brings comfort to my soul

Reaching for his hand 
My body feels delightfully weightless 
A feelings of no more worries
No more cries
He grasps my hands and breathes “Say goodbye”
Behind him snickers the demons of some I tried to fight and the others I tried to hide
His clutch gets more firm as he pulls me closer 
Grabbing the doorsill in defense 
As the demons tug at my ankles 
I try to pull away 
My parents rush to my help but they run through me
My screams are drowned by the laughter of the demons 
Horrific yells from parents as they find my body in my room 
Laid on my bed 
And my blood quilting the mattress 
My mother drops to her knees and sobs
My father stands behind her resting his hands on her shoulders
In front of her my mother lays the gun that did the job 
She picks it up and places the barrel under her chin
Blind to her actions my father tries to comfort her
Seeing her squeeze on the trigger 
I cry for her not to do it
Death’s grip is released leaving me to my demons as he creeps over to her 
The gun goes off and Death drags her away 
My father stands there pale faced 
The demons behind me singing and teasing “Look at what you started”
Losing grip and being tugged away as everything fades to black I see my father pick up the gun and place it in his mouth.


It’s 7:00 am and my alarm goes off. 
I wake up in a cold sweat
My mothers knocks on the door and enters
“Everything ok?” 
I respond and she closes the door
My cell phone rings 
The Caller ID comes unknown
I answer 
Between the static and shuffling a raspy voice whispers “You won’t get another chance.”


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