At It


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I wanted to do a poem on
My surface level
But the way I’m feeling it will just be
Regret inside of this
Madness in my head that
Is suisatained by significant laughter and play
Shall I say
that if I bleed insanity
No one will hear me because I will shoot myself
With a dose of white body suits with a vest
That straps my arms and legs together
And put myself in a room that color is
Normally coded as an angel
But to me my angel of open space
Will be my nightmare from hell
It’s all to say excluded from the world when
I’m deep inside……
Inside of this everlasting…
Could you finish it for me will I cant
Every time I went for love
the cries
Of intimacy rise way more than
The planet of the apes
So could you feel my disatchment
To this being which I thought I had
Lust for
That’s my safe word for me
Please don’t tell no body
The remedy
For success under my closure
Well the door did slam shut
So I say now that my true world
Is an awakening
My variety of obstacles
Is driven by my hunger to finish
Because of my past and family
MY true world is realistic
My old world fake fiction
I will be who I GOT to be
So my depth inside this poem
Is Processed and soon I feel free
As if I was word of mouth
Feelings you are pure and you will flow like
World’s wonders
So cast out like an actor stick to the script
For this passage of life
This poem
I just shot my movie on



All I wanted to do was write and share my poems, never really had that oppertunity to express myself.


All I wanted to do was write poetry. I wanted to express this inner being that is screaming to be heard, so I guess this my calling.


Be who you are.

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