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Feeling discriminated
emotions cumulated
all my feelings
to begin eliminating
people from my heart
for underestimating that I’m also a human being.

Despite all the pain I went through
despite all the tunnels I crawled out from.. To..
father leaving, child crying, pain.. Mother went through

Raised by a lone mom ‘cause a father decided to evaporate
his responsibilities
to 4 without sensing his need
so from my heart he was marked.. To be eliminate-ed.

When society decides to master you
all your Do’s & Don'ts become their issue
& all you reply..
you're not my creator and I ain't your gladiator
so from my heart they were marked.. To be eliminate-ed.

So living in the way you want to
can be sometime againsts you
because no matter what path you decide to walk through
just remember that there’s people who likes thou
& others who disguises their base about you

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