The Issue of Standardized Tests

Test Anxiety.

Those two words can destroy a person.

Why does this world, so focused on innovation, 

continue to use out-dated techniques?

Testing students on their ability 

to remember small facts and details, 

not the ability to apply and create.

Why do we say we are a country of change,

a place of creativity, and unique ideas?

When we place so much value on a piece of paper,

on scores and grades, on numbers and statistics.

Does a test score reflect what type of person you will be?

Does it meausure your success in the future?

If the answer is no, 

then why are "standardized tests" the go-to?

For now, we continue to stress,

to worry and fret about acronyms 

like the ACT, SAT, MCAT, LSAT,

these funny words that make our heads spin.

Rather than focusing on uniqueness,

creativity, and innovation.

Those things that truely tell 

whether or not we will succeed. 

Things like hard work and determination

seem much more important 

than a test score on the page. 

How to combat this conventional measurement

of knowledge and worth?

It will take time and effort,

large numbers, and many failures,

but I believe that one day

we can change this together.


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