Isolated Day within the Ancient of Days

Sun rises and ray beams begins at 6:37 A.M. ...the day starts. Frictions on pillow felt from my head but the mind is not comfortable. Past actions and reactions hit my brain as a drug to veins and I am lost and high in guilt. Felt the pain of my yesterday that still carry over like the sweat of a midnight nightmare still in my bed sheets. Soaked in transgressions because I walked in evil ways. Hatred is stirred in my heart and is constantly filled as like rivers and oceans. Anger has filled my mind and enraged my thoughts. This is just my sunrise. My eyes I open. the windows to my soul, yet this soul wishes to break the glass and be free from the dreaded emotions, tolls, lows, enemies, and foes of this flesh. Not wishing to die but to live and love. These shackles of the body have enslaved me to its desires but yet I still seek freedom. Freedom I seek Him but the sadness and guilt won't let me see Him. I seem to can't get around it, it feels as if it rules my day. The words of enemies provoke the sin in me to burst out into anger like a butterfly and centipede. Anger I want to release but it is a desire of my flesh but I can’t let this be a fulfilled deed. But yet the words of Dr. King still ring and I still hope that freedom does ring that I may open the doors of my soul that it may enter. But yet, I am alone in this flesh. Seeking, wanting, and needing, companionship that I may share with someone who may understand my emotions and feelings. This isolation is driving me crazy, soul wrapped up in a straitjacket taking injections of emotions in this day. Midday’s emotions are frustration, stress, and a lack of peace. This isolated day is in need of the companion week. My isolated soul is in need of the companion of a friend and the Prince of Peace. I seek Him but now…...He has found me. I now lift these windows over the hill where my help comes from and where my cry may be heard. There I see the sun begin to fall but I have received light from within. I have a friend. That has forgiven and wiped away my sins. That understands my emotions and flesh. He won't just be around me but within me and having friendship with my soul and me with the Trinity. I now have love, I now have joy, I now have peace, I now have patience, I now have kindness, I now have goodness, I now have faithfulness, I now have gentleness, and I now have complete self-control. No longer isolated and alone because this friend, this lover and protector of my soul, has now made this flesh His temple and Home. This day is not alone.

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