This Isn't The End

Life is like a story

In that it has challenges

It has highs, it has lows,

But one thing life shouldn’t have,

Is an ending

For years I wondered,

“When I pass on, is my life over?”

It disturbed me,

Scared me even,

To think I would vanish when my life ended

But then I realized that…

That life doesn’t end if there is someone to remember it.

If you have someone who carries your story

Beyond you, who tells it

To your children

To your friends

Someone who keeps your story alive to the very last moment…

Then your life isn’t ending.

The End, Isn’t.

Life stopping for you doesn’t mean you’re gone forever.

And if you believe in it,

Then there is a life after this one,

A place where we go

When our time on earth, in this mortal world


Nothing ever truly ends, I learned

I learned that I don’t need to worry about the end

Because the end is never coming.



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