The Island Company

Truly, it is indeed such a shame,

And no person’s fault but mine own,

To provide a response so very cliche

To cliche inquiry shown.


Would I wish the island’s depressing fate,

Such luckless deserted drudgery,

Upon my faithful lover of late

For the sake of mine own comforting?


INDEED, tis a fit fact that I should

That I may perish not alone.

Attempting to thrive, for I know that we could,

Even in this environment zone.


This beautiful soul, so soft and so fine,

Manifests for me glimmers of hope,

Delivering sustenance of every kind

While mending my terrible mope.


The laughing induced by his cute boyish charm,

Never fails to elicit a smile,

And, about me, how he does encircle his arms

Drives me a slight tad madly wild.


He calms the blustering thoughts upstairs

Dissolving like salt most the stresses

Becoming for me as life-giving as air

Understanding emotional messes.


I fear only inevitable isolation

The island would promise my being,

So after such careful contemplation,

I know he to be what I’d need.

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