Irony & Impediments

To speak of irony
I've always been good with words
Forming art out of syllables
And pulling love out of vowels
But I can never say the magic
My head says, beautiful, spectacular, undeniable
But my treacherous tongue
Oh that monstrosity
The words stumble and mumble
Fusing and fumbling
Letters that hide in the shadows of others
For what is true and what is false?
My lips shutter and my tongue curls
Moving like a snake, trying to make a den out of my throat
Because is it world, word, roll?
The letter R is my enemy
And happens to love my name
Making a fool out of me if I choose to speak
And making a coward if I don't
Oh the irony of having a revolution
In my head, but a dictatorship in my mouth
My teeth are the bars of a cell, my tongue is the wayward criminal
Trying to kill the same fire that keeps me alive
I am the victim of cruel irony

But the master of pen to paper

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