The irony of belief

Mon, 08/29/2022 - 22:49 -- Grant12

Why judge me now for what I know

when telling truth about my grief

If in the end the record shows

the irony of my belief


If only I could be consoled

And lead toward who life sustains

With joy that quickens up the soul

Where life and death are not the same


Comfort me with words of hope

And together we can toast the day

Yet give me just a bit of rope

And I fear my life will slip away


In faith I planted olive trees

the fruit of which I'll never taste

And trusted things I could not see

While love was lost without a trace


My loneliness lies at the heart

of what I covet with my eyes

What time I had I spent apart

With tears that sound like lullabies


By placing love into my hands

I held the reins and felt control

Yet in  breaking only one command

I mourned as if I lost my soul


Could who I am when in my dreams

become less precious in her sight

or perhaps we are more than who we seen

like skies that change from day to night



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